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Aligning teams and departments, developing collaborative competencies.

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Developing leaders and their competencies with measurable business impact.

Creation of a comprehensive strategic vision and support in its fulfillment.


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we constantly make sure that the meaning and added value for your organization are fulfilled


ideas, knowledge and tools presented to people so that they embrace them and look forward to using them themselves


we help improve the ability of people to cooperate and show the ways to synergy


we support a healthy synergic company culture and help build excellent working relationships


we help people step out of stereotypes, foster innovation and change things for the better


we bring not only short-term results, but also real change with a long-term impact



Vectoring is a concept that doesn't say "go in one direction", but explains how the whole context works to work towards "going in one direction". After completing the Workshops, the management began to perceive more the importance of shaping the environment as a Path to better results. Of course, it is not simple and immediate either. I would recommend Vektoring to anyone who wants to take their company beyond the horizon. Money invested in concepts like Vectoring is money well invested. We all know very well that I achieve my visions and goals through a whole range of different people. The future of our companies depends on how we can work together and whether we are aligned in the same direction.
Ing. Ramon HaásManaging director, WOLF Slovenská republika s.r.o.
I see the benefit of Vektoring in 2 areas. First, it's getting feedback from colleagues you work with on a daily basis and respect. Secondly, it is the realization that even if one is convinced of one's truth, one can be wrong, and therefore it is always very important to listen to one's team and to leave space within the team to transparently share one's opinions on the issue at hand. For many, this workshop can be an eye-opener to how important communication can be within a company and how important the quality of the team is to achieve relevant results. After the workshop, it changed in our company that in the event of a clash of opinions, it is enough to tell them to focus on blue solutions. It usually works 😊. In my opinion, the workshop is suitable for every group of employees who have to communicate and work together. It's not just about management. The money put into the workshop was appropriately invested mainly for the reasons of realizing the benefits, see above.
Tomáš OpletalCEO, ŽPSV s.r.o
I see the benefit of the Strategy Building workshop mainly in the unification of long-term expectations and priorities, the creation of a basis for decision-making at the management level and a clear visualization of the long-term direction. This is extremely important for subsequent regular communication across the plant and thus building trust between employees. I would recommend the workshop to managers and company leaders who need to unify ideas within the framework of long-term (strategic) planning, to achieve a common vision of the future state of the company, plant, production, etc.
Jan VečeřaGeneral Manager, Edwards s.r.o.
I don't know how, but the workshop was able to gradually free me from my usual work thinking and move thinking about the company and the team to a higher level of abstraction. Already during the workshop I had "aha moments" when I knew what needed to be changed in the company or at least to have fun about it. The importance of feedback and team involvement in goal definitions has become routine for me. Furthermore, I understood people's problems of managing people from other industries and other jobs. Last but not least, I definitely got a lot of personal feedback.
Oldřich PospíšilíkDevelopment director, Liquid Design
Since I took the Lean workshops, a new voice has appeared in my head that speaks to me in my daily work cycle and tells me what could be done differently. And quite often, loud and clear! Thanks to the Lean workshop, I understood in more detail the entire concept of Lean management, what it includes, how it works and how to apply it. What I value the most and why the Lean workshop was one of the best I've ever attended is the fact that the entire training takes place practically - using model situations, interactively and fun. The entire experience is based on teamwork and you will really experience all the theories, methods and Lean tools. Thanks to this, I feel that the workshop left something in me, taught me and opened another drawer in my way of thinking, which I will hopefully gradually fill and lead me to make my work (and not only mine!) more efficient. I would recommend the Lean workshop not only to managers or project-minded people, but really to everyone. Why? Because who would want to waste!
Alexandra PoláškováProject Lead, Currys CoE, s.r.o.
During the Vektoring training with a focus on leadership - teamwork, I realized how important engagement and teamwork are, how well I work in it and how much it moves us all. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to gain a similar experience and use it in building a company culture. The training had a completely different concept than what I was used to. It was a very active training, during which I had the opportunity to take a deeper look into my behavior style and approach to responsibility for joint work. Don't expect to relax when it comes to Vektoring. It's not about training, but training that draws you into the game from the very beginning and the feelings and experiences stay with you.
Radana KostovčíkováHR Generalist, IG Watteeuw ČR v Brně
The online course: "How to achieve more with your team" makes me really think about whether I am really doing everything right from a team management point of view to set up and align the team and the teams. Excellent supplementary videos and those examples - as if I met X's boss, Y's colleague and Z's specialist from my practice again. Sometimes myself. The test with 10 film samples was for me a real, not a theoretical test of analyzing situations and it was also fun. How communication and actions take place from different perspectives of defined sets was probably the most beneficial and it brings a new dimension to my work style into my working life. I will have to pay attention to many things during communication and problem solving. Overall, I rate it excellent. I like the original treatment of the training, pictures, examples and very good tips.
Radovan ČadekDirector Production, Teva Pharmaceuticals
Thanks to the workshop, I better understood the meaning and functioning of the LEAN method and its tools - mainly thanks to the ideal combination of theory and practice, when most of the time was focused on practical exercises in teams and theory only supplemented it at the beginning or at the end. The course was quite intensive and I perceive positively the direct continuity of both levels (practitioner/expert), which makes it all the easier to put things in context even when analyzing real processes in our work. I would recommend the workshop to everyone who thinks that it is no longer possible to make their processes more efficient. You will be (pleasantly) surprised!
Filip HastíkLogistics Support Team Leader, Currys CoE
FasterFish's workshop focused on the topic of corporate culture development was a pleasant surprise for me. I definitely appreciate its practical side the most, when we could test our ideas and observations on a simulation of a real situation that can arise in the company. I also liked the diverse composition of our workshop team. As participants from completely different fields of business, we were able to draw inspiration from each other and see things from a different point of view. The topic was also enriched with a reasonable amount of theory, the whole workshop had an impact and was cleverly thought out, fun and interactive. I definitely recommend.
Lucie SztachováHR Business Partner, Van Leeuwen Production Czech Republic s.r.o.
The workshop helped me put together a picture of our environment in the company. I realized the importance of the stories that happened in our country and the need to create new stories with a better ending. I would recommend the workshop to all managers and HR workers who are trying to ensure the functioning of their team. There are many things you know - this course will make you aware of them.
Lena Yvona Geryková HR Manager, SOLODOOR a.s.
I clearly see the benefit of the workshop in that it gave me a different point of view on improving my work. I know that in most cases we dealt with how to eliminate "waste" from our daily life and after this workshop I realized that it is not always about saving time, but mainly about improving the quality of work, which ultimately allows us to speed up processes and subsequently we can save time on various processes. I started applying this every time the team and I started thinking about some enhancements, so it's on the one hand a benefit and also a major change in my thinking, for which I'm very grateful.
Veronika GulyasRebate & Commissions Team Leader, Currys CoE, s.r.o.
I see the main benefit as understanding how we function and cooperate with each other in the company. I personally took away a lot of information and awareness after completing the training. I enjoyed the practical exercises the most, where you are in the role of an observer and you realize your attitudes and habits from the mistakes of others in a model situation. It was useful for me to analyze my unpleasant situation and check what you can influence as an individual and how you can begin to change your colleagues and co-workers with your behavior. One of the many benefits was understanding a healthy company culture and welfare system. After the training was over I could see the effects on myself, it slowly dawned on me what effect it would have on my team. It was clear to me that we were in for a completely new level of performance, but also personal satisfaction. I changed the way I hand over work and I don't attribute some unpleasant situations to a person, but I started to openly talk about these situations with my colleagues. I always try to name the unpleasant situation and together we work on ways to prevent it in the future. Not everyone will always open up to you right away, so I try to build respect and trust every day. I have worked on the art of formulating an idea in ways that will always be understandable to different target groups. In doing so, however, I want to be open and not close my eyes to unethical behavior and not allow it to gain ground. When Lída and I discussed model situations about assigning work, my experience in managing people was confirmed for me, that instead of telling people how things should be done, it is much more effective to ask them how they think things should be done . When you lead teams or individuals, you help them see alternatives, reflect on mistakes and find room for improvement. This helps them think independently about problems or new challenges. I think a good leader invests time in the growth of his people. But for people to grow, they need to be pushed out of their comfort zone. I would recommend the workshop to everyone who has the courage to change themselves and their established habits in companies. I would recommend this training to HR managers, company directors, and everyone who believes that tomorrow can be better than today. In short, good for everyone who is not satisfied with the current state or mediocrity and wants to improve.
Tomáš PrůžekLEAN Manager, Environmental Services Czech Republic